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"Miark Innovations” is a prominent solutions company providing its client with focused, quality and cost effective services and products.

“Miark Innovations” was established in 1997 and ever since has grown in its experiences, skills and tools to support its clients in a unique way where satisfaction and quality assurance comes into play.

Miark Innovations prides itself on recognize the importance of the human touch and going the extra mile to keep their customers happy.

We offer Disaster Recovery Management, Cloud Computing, Online Backup Solutions, Web Development, Database interfacing and Hardware/Software support and much more.

With our rich experience, innovation and cost-effective solutions; we have successfully accomplished many assignments and our experienced professional talents are dedicatedly working as Backend Support to many SMEs. read more

At Miark Innovations we are able to provide our customers with the latest hardware/Software available today.

We are able to provide either a brand name (HP, IBM, Toshiba etc..) or we are able to provide non-named brand style computers/servers etc. as well if required.

We are able to provide either a brand name (Microsoft, Symantec, AVG etc..) or we can customise a application as well.

As businesses are now starting to rely more heavily on the Internet to browse, send and receive emails, maintain websites, we strive to help our customers get more out of the Internet by providing.

Miark also has excellent experiance in wireless technology. 

For more information on products please read more

As business reply more and more on computers to run their businesses, and with more and more people needing to access emails/data/applications 24/7 the reliant of systems being up is more and more.

The more importance of not only keeping the systems up but also in getting the systems backup after a disaster, be it the outage of a printer, to a failure of a laptop hard drive through to serious disaster from either natural or non-natural disaster.

Lot of business are requiring a Disaster Recovery solution as part of their Audit requirements.

At Miark innovations we are able to customise a a Disaster Recovery plan to fit your needs, this can be from storage of an image of a laptop hard drive off site, to daily backup of critical or whole systems off site to hot server kept off site in case of an emergency.

To find out how Miark Innovations can help you with a Disaster Recovery solution please give us a call.  read more

At Miark Innovations we provide a variety of support.

1. Phone Support - This is our first level of support

2. Remote Support - With the use of the Internet we are able to  clients who require use this to dial into PC's and Servers and take control.

3. Onsite Support - If we are not able to fix clients vis Phone or Remote, then our next level of support is via a visit.

4. Outsource Support - Basically this support is for client who need a support engineer onsite on a regular basis, either a couple hours a fortnight through to full time, or requiring an engineer to help out while your normal IT personnel are on annual leave.

At Miark we take pride in making sure we bring that old fassion customer service and going that extra mile to look after our clients.

If you require any style of support then give us a call and we can fit any style support into your requirements. read more

What is Cloud Computing??

Cloud computing is when you use a third-party network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, run applications and manage all your data, rather than locally.

The cloud services provide you with your own hard drive in the cloud – or on the Internet realistically.

The cloud services lets you access your documents, photos, videos and any other saved files from any of your device that has Internet access. With the cloud services you can connect to it from home, work or on the go via a laptop, desktop, smart phone or other handheld device.

By using cloud computing business can reduce their local IT resources and costs involved in running and maintain their own IT assists and services.

We are able to help in getting your cloud services going - give us a call.  or read more